A little writing that I started when I was bored, but got cut short.


I feel like my tragedies and triumphs come at the wrong time; like my and the worlds clocks are not synchronized. I’m healthy inside, but barely alive. my joy is a struggle, but you won’t know if you won’t try. Nothing seems right and I can only ask why. Some say it’s a design; that the stars are aligned like a big master plan. Others believe it’s a formula, and the so-called creator was just a man. He lived and died like all of us, and there’s no resurrection. We just turn to dust. Who must I trust? We lust, and don’t love, and when we do, it’s never enough. We’re addicts to what we lack, and we’ll take all we can get and give nothing back. We’ll hurt others and self inflict pain with sharp words and adulterous acts. We’re still all alone left with our thoughts, (like I am in the office). Thinking if I could change things what the cost is. I lost this about 19 years ago, the cost is losing innocence the more I grow. The more I grow, I learn what I know now will not be someday somehow. Some way I’ll forget, like I am now. I’m a forgetful person, but there are a lot of things worse than this; like never having that feeling of a first kiss. I swear you bring it back again every single time. It’s like hitting pause and rewind, our fingers intertwined, your wavelength the same as mine. Now I’m starting to feel sick, the ringing phone made me jump out of my seat. I’m just sitting here, pen in hand, listening to some shitty rap song. That’s what I really appreciated. We had all the same favorite bands. Anyways where was I? Our hearts beating together? Loudly like thunder. the only kind of chemistry that can cause tornado weather. And I wonder. It sure caused weather. Whether there’s a future in this or not, I don’t know. I’d sure like to hope so, but we’re so different now, and how I’m feeling is not by what I see. I’m loving the person you used to be. But and eye for an eye. I guess I understand. No. Never mind. I guess I don’t understand.

Today’s little exercise shitter. 

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